1. Lifesong 5:18
  2. Praise You In This Storm 4:57
  3. Does Anybody Hear Her 4:30
  4. Stained Glass Masquerade 3:52
  5. Love Them Like Jesus 4:32
  6. Set Me Free 4:27
  7. While You Were Sleeping 4:53
  8. Father, Spirit, Jesus 5:12
  9. In Me 4:45
  10. Prodigal 5:46
  11. And Now My Lifesong Sings 4:03

Praise You In This Storm

Casting Crowns

2 stories about "Praise You In This Storm"

  • Mary Statema says:

    In 2007 my husband had a stroke. He spent 3 weeks in intensive care. Doctors telling me he might not survive. He then spent 3 months in a rehab facility. Every time I drove to the hospital or the nursing home I would play that song for inspiration. It helped carry me through and I will always have a fond memory of that song and I still enjoy listening and worshipping to this song.

  • kim fulford says:

    In 1998 I met my sole mate through my relapse recover program. He is African-American. We got married in 2002 even though he had relapsed. I had the wedding of my dreams with no outside interferences. In 2005 I had a stroke and it was misdianosed which impaired my right side. God has always been in my heart but I stumbled through life trying to find my purpose. At age 2, my appendix ruptured and my mother said I had 2 minutes to live. Tubes were all over in my body so bad that my father could not even bear the sight! This song is my testimony to GOD and the world. I have always wanted to write my story to share with others and never found the time. Around one month ago, GOD had told me the time is now. My best book growing up was That was Then, This is now. I’m on FIRE for GOD now through all my sins and despair and he is revealing to me how many times he carried me through the storms. I have been praising GOD all day today through the snowstorm we are having in Minnesota.

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