• KTIS mission trip

    KTIS mission trip

    KTIS listeners are headed to the Dominican Republic for a Mission Trip in 2016.  Wanna go…

  • 4 family 4 packs up for grabs

    4 family 4 packs up for grabs

    Your family could make great memories together at Faith and Family Night with the Wolves…

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  • 31 days to becoming a happy mom

    31 days to becoming a happy mom

    The Morning Show with Pam and Andy is helping you live a happy and God honoring life…

    Happy Mom
  • 3 uplifting and encouraging apps

    3 uplifting and encouraging apps

    Easy and convenient ways to be uplifted and to encourage others throughout your day.…

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Verse of the Day: Psalm 33:12

Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his very own.

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  • Financial help.

    I had a job that i left and now have to fight for unemployment. The employer is a huge company that will be deceitful if they believe it will stop me from...

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  • Can't seem to find God...

    It has been a very bad year and it is continuing. I don't know that I feel God is silent or has just abandoned me right now. I know that isn't true in my mind...

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  • Salvation

    please pray for my friend Graham, he's been battling severe depression for many years after his fathers suicide and he's gotten into a lifestyle full of drugs,...

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  • Grandmothers healing

    Can you please say a quick prayer for my grandmother! She was rushed to the ER tonight and is now in ICU. They are not sure what is wrong yet, but think she's...

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