• Need to trim the grocery budget?

    Need to trim the grocery budget?

    Here are a few simple tricks to help your grocery dollars go further…

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  • Joyful Noise Family Fest 2015

    Joyful Noise Family Fest 2015

    A ticket for two days of great music is just $50!  But don’t wait.  Prices will be going up on May 1.…

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    Download the Hands & Feet App

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    Drive-Thru Difference

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Verse of the Day: Hebrews 13:20

And now may the God of peace … our Lord Jesus, equip you with all you need for doing His will.

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  • new career and business

    Dear Lord, I believe that you have uniquely made me and I praise you for that. I am probably what they call a square peg in a circular hole or as...

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  • protection

    Pray for Heather she was out with the neighbors last night. And mess with her the wrong way. Pray whoever it was Jesus will go after them pray God's justice...

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  • Prayer for Healing

    I waited to long to get medicine for an illness and I am now having a really hard time recovering. My daughter, who has had medication, has been sick on and...

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  • Marriage Miracle

    My wife Patty Ann and me, Joel, got remarried in January 2014. She is drinking and seeing another man. We got divorced on Jan 15th She is bipolar and going...

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