• Joyful Noise Family Fest 2015

    Joyful Noise Family Fest 2015

    A ticket for two days of great music is just $60!  But don’t wait.  There aren’t many tickets left…

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  • Download the Hands & Feet App

    Download the Hands & Feet App

    Here’s a free and simple way to impact your world by sharing God’s love with those around you…

  • 7 year old evangelist

    7 year old evangelist

    A little girl has bigger plans for recess than monkey bars and tag…

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Verse of the Day: Psalm 62:1

I wait quietly before God, for my salvation comes from him.

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  • daughters relationship

    My daughter has been hurt by cheating lying guys in the past. She met a guy in Jan who she and we thought was finally the answer to prayers. He treated her so...

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  • Praise report!!! And cont prayers

    My significant other and I are in the midst of a misunderstanding of my needs and his needs. Yes I'm frustrated, and yes he knows but isn't sure how to...

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  • healing leading to accepting the Lord

    I have a friend named Erik who I have been speaking to about God for 2 years. I feel he is on the edge. He is battling being sick I am asking for a...

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  • growing into a new me

    Heavenly Father, I miss the part of my bipolar episode where my body was super flexible and agile. Also, there was a part of that episode that was cool in how...

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