• Hands and Feet with MNTC

    Hands and Feet with MNTC

    Join us as we give new life to Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge’s new property in Buffalo…

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  • Pray for others

    Pray for others

    A member of the KTIS family just posted a prayer request. Will you pray for them?…

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  • Drive-Thru Difference Friday

    Drive-Thru Difference Friday

    It’s simple: Go to a drive-thru and pay the bill of the person behind you. It makes a big difference…

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Verse of the Day: Matthew 11:28

Jesus said, Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

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  • love...

    Father, you know my heart and you know hers. You know i only have love for her in every ounce of my heart. Although, she is datimg another I pray she remains...

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  • continued prayers for:

    Angela. CJ. Wes. John tanya. Sandra. Mark. Joey. Rory baby indiana & their family &...

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  • I love you dear God

    Thank you dear God for everything & God bless everybody!...

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  • Marriage

    Pray God to send blessing into our marriage. Pray that we will learn to love, care, understand and forgive each other. Pray God to bless our financial...

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