1. I Worship You 3:07
  2. Here Am I 4:20
  3. On My Way to You 4:06
  4. How Great Is Your Love 4:14
  5. I Can Only Imagine 4:08
  6. Bless Me Indeed 4:14
  7. Cannot Say Enough 4:47
  8. House of God 3:13
  9. Call to Worship 4:51
  10. All Fall Down 3:45
  11. In You 4:17

I Can Only Imagine


One story about "I Can Only Imagine"

  • michelle field says:

    I have always loved this song. We played it at my sisters funeral…. Now I feel her near me when ever I hear this. I imagine this song for all my loved ones that have already passed….. and for those of us who need reminding….. God is GREAT ♥

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