1. King Of Glory 6:21
  2. These Thousand Hills 3:08
  3. Your Love Oh Lord 4:28
  4. Agnus Dei / Worthy 6:25
  5. Saved 3:46
  6. My Hope Is You 4:19
  7. You're Everywhere 4:14
  8. Thief 4:22
  9. Consuming Fire 4:10
  10. All The Heavens 4:03
  11. Love Song 9:52

Agnus Dei

Third Day

2 stories about "Agnus Dei"

  • kevin evert says:

    the passion of emotion as it builds to the end moves me in a way I cant explain
    I love this station and the positive music it plays
    my heart soars when I hear this song

  • Cindy Kimpton says:

    Well, it makes it very hard to drive! HAHA! I love this song; it’s very emotional, it’s a beautiful praise song that gets bigger and bigger. I cannot help but raise my hands whenever I hear this one, my heart gets absolutely filled with love and honor and humbleness to the One Who just simply loves us.

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