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Inspiring stories demonstrating God’s love

Your experiences shape your life and influence others. When God is recognized, remembered, and received, things change; connections are made, and love and grace abound. Here you will find stories of God on the move in the lives of your neighbors. May they bring you hope and encouragement as you seek to grow closer to Him. Do you have a story you’d like to share with us? Here’s where you can do just that.

During the was the worst stress of my life I reached out to God again and again waiting for His answer. Thank you God that you didn’t. – Carrie

The first 20 years of my 28 year marriage wasn’t the partnership I had hoped it would be. Our first child had special needs, my husband and I were at odds all of the time . I was dealing with the worst stress I had ever experienced. For years I was asking God if I was supposed to leave my marriage. But I never heard from Him. 5 years ago our child with special needs moved out. And guess what? Our marriage changed! My husband and I were doing things together and having a blast. We still are. I’m so glad I told God I wouldn’t leave unless I heard from Him.


After months on pain medication I’m finally free from addiction – Darcy

I was put on a very heavy pain medication for a broken back and I had tried to get out but several several times alone and there was nothing I could do absolutely nothing until I heard the day that Jesus said the season over! It has been 2 months since I have been completely off of that pain medication and I it gets better every day. I know I never could have ever done it not in a 1000000 years. I’m just so grateful to God.


God was making a way then I didn’t see a way – Sue

I was feeling very overwhelmed as an essential healthcare worker and I cried to God “I don’t know how to get everything done! I can’t do this on my own. I need you to make a way!” Then He brought his promise to mind when I turned on the radio and knew I needed to hear the song Way Maker. I just laughed. It was so perfect to think God would care so much about my problems.


God prompted me to act to save my daughter – Michelle

My daughter who is away at college was in the midst of a mental health crisis in the middle of the night. It was such a painful struggle and I prayed to God to guide me on how to help her. At that point, Lauren Daigle’s song Rescue played in my head on repeat, louder and louder until I realized I needed to drive to my daughter to be there for her. God knew just what I needed.

Uber driver uplifts passengers with God’s love and prayer! – Jim

An an UBER driver, I have an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with my passengers while driving and listening to KTIS. I hear many of my passengers singing to the music. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to pray with many passengers. What a blessing!

God helps us heal through music after my son’s tragic death – Pat

3 years ago our son became disillusioned with life, blaming God for things that happened. He decided to end his life. My husband and I withdrew from others, but stayed close to God to help us grieve and work through the pain towards healing. The song Overcomer and Toby Mac’s songs have been giving us hope.

When doctors said no, God said yes – Michelle

My husband and I have been praying and trying for a baby for the last 5 years. Sadly we’ve experienced 3 miscarriages. Doctors have said that it’s just probably not something that’s likely at my age. Well, last week we learned that we’ve tested positive for pregnancy which is just a miracle!


My Drive-Thru Difference angel appeared at an unusual place – Maria

What a surprise for me at The Salvation Army store today! When my credit card was declined the woman behind me simply said ‘I’ve got it, hopefully you’ll do it for someone’! WOW!! Thank you for such kind souls out there! This is my DTD story!

My prayer isn’t answered, but I’m still trusting – Colleen

I’ve been waiting and praying for 7 years for something to happen and not seeing progress. But I am still trusting because I have had indications and faith that the Lord is still with me and telling me that He is in control.

My giving moment came full circle and it became bigger than I could have imagined because of God – Henry

Lisa tells story of school principal who works at Walmart after hours to help struggling families he knows at his school. He remembers the help he had in his youth and wanted to give back. When someone learns what he’s doing, they wanted to help. And then, God showed up and wait till you hear what happened next!


I would have died if neighbors and God had not intervened – Arty

Arty, who lives alone, was sick for 4 weeks in her apartment. A few text messages to one neighbor led to more neighbors reaching out. Not getting much response, they soon realized Arty needed their help to get her to a hospital. Tests revealed she was in septic shock due to a kidney infection. Thankfully, she healed and has renewed hope in the power of Jesus. This experience reminded Arty of the love of her neighbors, of God and of the lyrics to the song “Rescue” – In the middle of my darkest night He rescued me.


God sent me a shooting star to remind me of my loved one – Kelly

My mother-in-law passed away 2 years ago. The first time I went away to go to work after her death I was driving home and it was pitch black and I thought God I need a sign that Suzanne is with me. And just then the biggest brightest shooting star went right across the sky and it was just like wow thank you God!


8 months pregnant, Lindsay was having a tough morning. See how 1 person made her day!

I am 8 months pregnant and was having a terrible morning. I decided to go through the drive-thru on my way to work. When I pulled up to the window to pay, the person handed me a card that said this: “Hi! You don’t know me but I’ve just paid for your order. No gimmicks – it’s just something I felt like doing.” I had heard about people doing things for others. This sure made my day!

In the moment of decision to end my marriage, God interceded – Rhonda

As my husband and I we were going through difficult times in our marriage, a song from Chris August came on the radio called “Restore” at the very exact time I was on my way to counseling to figure out if I wanted to stay married. It’s as if God knew at the very second I needed it! My marriage is restored and although it’s not perfect we are still married! God is Great!


Sometimes it’s just about saying thank you! –  Sarah 

I just feel blessed every day. I have a wonderful husband. I have a wonderful family and sometimes it’s just about saying Thank you!



When I needed Him most, God was there to comfort. – Victoria

My dad died following a bike accident on his way to work. People didn’t know how to respond to a 20-something losing a parent. People weren’t always there, but I was reminded that God was – through the nights I wasn’t sleeping, while others minimized my pain. And He didn’t expect me to get over it before I could re-enter community. It is still hard every day. people who showed they cared at first have moved on, but God is still there. It feels so good to have a constant through the chaos.


A Drive-thru Difference brightened up Jill’s whole day!

I was having a tough morning needing more patience than usual helping my 5 children with distant learning. I decided to treat myself at Starbucks. At the window I was told that It was paid for by the car in front of me. It brightened up my whole day. I pray that God provides everything you stand in need of today!


If God is working in your life share your story below.

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