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Promise maker, promise keeper / You finish what You begin / Our provision through the desert / You see it through ‘til the end / You see it through ‘til the end // The Lord our God is ever faithful / Never changing through the ages / From this darkness / You will lead us / And forever we will say You’re the Lord our God // In the silence, in the waiting / Still we can know You are good / All Your plans are for Your glory / Yes, we can know You are good / Yes, we can know You are good // We won’t move without You / We won’t move without You / You’re the light of all / And all that we need

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2 stories about "The Lord Our God"

  • Tom says:

    I just finalized a divorce due to my wife walking away from the marriage vows she made to God and myself. I was on my way to work a few weeks ago and “The Lord Our God” came on. I am a fairly good singer, and I could barely sing the words as I was in the midst some of the heaviest tears I have experienced. The tears were less about the pain of my wife leaving me and not letting me see my step-kids, they were more about God’s undying love for us. Not only for loving me and growing me through an almost 1 yr waiting period, helping me to call my wife to repentance and forgive her, but for His love through my entire life. But not only for me, for absolutely anyone who loves Jesus. WOW!! Thank you God (and KTIS) for that song at that moment!!

  • Kim LaBeree says:

    Because it is TRUE!

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