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If I speak in words like angels
Or climb the highest peak
Fight for fame, build my name
So the world remembers me
It’ll fade like stars at morning
A whisper in a crowd
It will all dissolve to nothing
If that’s what my life’s about

So I pray
I pray

Lord make me a man who loves his kids and loves his wife
Lord make me a man who always stands for what is right
Who’s strong enough to fight a war by falling to his knees
‘Cause that’s the kind of man
That’s the kind of man I want to be

Slow to speak and quick to listen
Doesn’t fear and doesn’t boast
Full of faith, full of joy
Always holding on to hope
Faithful through the darkness
Even when the night is long
Knowing in my weakness
Is where you show you’re strong

Oh That’s the kind of man I want to be

When my life is over
And I cross the crystal sea / when i’m home and finally free
Let the ones I leave behind say
They saw you in me

That’s the kind of man I want to be

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One story about "The Kind Of Man"

  • Angie Hanson says:

    I love this song! We became “emptynesters” last year and our children are scattered around the country. One is in ministry, one in the Air Force, and one in the Navy. Ever since I first heard this song, the words became the prayer I pray for my son and daughters.
    God, make them the kind of Men and Women that people see You in!

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