A Million Miles Away Video
A Million Miles Away Lyrics

I’ve got this feeling

And I know it’s not just me

Everyone’s got things they wanna leave

Escape the things they can’t escape

The stuff we try to hide away

But grace has put ‘em in their place


A million miles away

And further every day

Since I met you

Everything that I used to carry

Disappeared in the dust behind me

You took it all it’s gonna stay

A million miles away


That day you changed me

And you made my past my past

All I know is I’m not going back

What’s done is done

What’s gone is gone

You came to right my every wrong

And leave ‘em right where they belong


It’s getting smaller in my rear view

The closer I get you

And it’s all gonna stay

A million miles away


Like the east is from the west

Like the height is from the depth

You took it all away

It’s gonna stay

A million miles away

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