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Hold On Lyrics

Wake up to the morning light

Wipe away the lonely nights

Let a brand new day wash over you

Wanna see you smile again

Show some love to your crazy friends

Wipe your tears away, those days are through

If you move just a little bit closer

You can put your head on my shoulder

Yeah, yeah


So baby hold on

Just another day or two

I can see the clouds are moving faster now

And the sun is breaking through

If you could hold on

To the One that’s holding you

There is nothing that can stop this crazy love

From breaking through, we’re breaking through

Wake up to the rising sun

Thank the Lord for the things He’s done

Lift your eyes to the hope that’s ever true

Wanna see you smiling girl

You’re a light in this jaded world

Wipe away those tears

This one’s for you

And the stars are up there shining for you

Oh, how the Father does adore you

His love will never change

And you and I, we were born to follow

The hope that will lead us to tomorrow

And no one can take it away

(C) 2010 Achtober Songs (admin. by EMI CMG Publishing) / Rio Bravo Music, Inc. / Telemitry Productions (BMI) / Castle Bound Music, Inc. / Bummerman Music, Inc. (SESAC)

2 stories about "Hold On"

  • tara granger says:

    I just wanted to share this wonderful/enjoyable info first. Wow PTL!! Amen to lol I luv it I just joined on here. I never seen this and wow they show the words even. My cup of ol Peace and tea how about yours? lol I really enjoy the music it’s so soothing and very uplifting. again wow and wow did I mention wow!! how unique and fun. Now I can learn the actual and all the words and really sing my heart out. Not 2night for sure 2morw or Mon the Latest. thanks to u all for doing this clever Idea and I also just signed up to win the ol Concert Michael W Smith and Amy Grant. GOd I do hope I really win. Been wanting to go. I also just signed up for the Drive thru Difference. I’m excited. I just got 2jobs and a perm plc to live. I’m so thankful and blessed. Now I can get a move on here get to these lovely concerts and do more. Even donate Amen. Feeln good lol
    Ol Ms. Tara G

  • tara granger says:

    I luv the music amen and amen. Goina listen to it a lot more often. I for sure do every day on the ol radio and this awesome station is set on a program in my car.

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