For 44 years, CROSS Services has provided food, financial assistance, clothing, gifts for kids, and more to thousands of families living on low incomes or experiencing financial crisis in northwest Hennepin County. Our Mission Promise is to provide mercy and aid to those in the community who are seeking help by providing compassionate and supportive services.

The work of CROSSServicesis foundational: Without food and a stablehome, nothing else is possible. Our neighbors cannot survive, much less thrive, without these basics of life. CROSS Services serves comprehensively. Families come to us for food and housing, and leave with job connections, clothing, emotional support, connections to other community resources,support for their children’s’ school, birthday, and holiday needs, and many other caring services.

Annually, CROSS Services serves approximately 14,000 individuals experiencing financial crisis or ongoing poverty with compassion and dignity. We are committed to serving those in need without creating stigma, so that everyone can thrive in our communities.

Mission Focus

CROSS Services is

• Committed to an attitude of abundance vs scarcity, generosity, and dignified service.

• Committed to innovative partnerships that benefit clients and avoid unnecessary duplication of resources and efforts.

• Invests our resources in opportunities to address both immediate needs and the core reasons people need CROSS in order to help them through their crisis.

Invests significant resources to “rescue”food (good food that would otherwise be thrown away) from local grocers and farmers to provide fresh food productsto our families we would not otherwise have access to provide.

12915 Weinand Circle
Rogers, MN 55374

(763) 425-1050

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