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They won’t help speed up your commute or keep someone else from cutting you off in traffic, but the KTIS window sticker will help you spread hope through 98.5 KTIS. We’ll send you 2 when you fill out this form!

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Have a local business, non-profit, or church where you would like to make sure everyone has a KTIS sticker available to them? Learn more about how we can mail you a KTIS window sticker display for your business. 

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Lisa Barry

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2 ingredient Pineapple cake

I was going through some old recipes the other day and came upon this gem! Just 2 ingredients for a light and refreshing pineapple cake. You can top with light whipped cream and fruit. SO delicious and I remember it was originally a Weight Watchers recipe. Yum! Enjoy!



How to unclutter your life

Your garage might be so full of stuff that you can't fit your car inside. Your schedule doesn't even have room for you to have lunch.  There isn't an extra dollar in the budget. Sound familiar?



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Lisa Barry
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Lisa Barry

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