Come as you are! We are all broken in our own ways and we will meet you at The gate!

We believe that combining horses with Christ based biblical principles helps to enhance our understanding of Jesus unconditional love, acceptance, strength, trust, faith, and communication in our daily lives.
In our ongoing program, foundation thru the eyes of a horse, we believe by using horses with a Christ based approach to coaching & mentoring individuals thru life’s struggles we can help you build a foundation in Christ for lasting, positive change. Participants will partner with a horse or horses and do a variety of on the ground activities. You will learn about horses in a way that relates to your everyday life no matter if you are struggling with something or just want to enhance your walk with Christ. Each activity with the horses helps to Build, maintain and strengthen your foundation one step at a time

Let our horses help you take that first step to a new foundational you!

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with those that come thru our gates. Our integrity, heart and love for God is shared with all that enter.

• Individuals, families, groups, team building etc.…
• Self-improvement/empowerment
• Family Foundation Unification
• Couples
• Improving communication
• And more!

Please Inquire for your specific needs!
please note we are a coaching/mentoring program and we are not licensed therapist and we do not diagnose or treat mental health conditions however our gates are open to all.
we are booking 1-1.5 hour sessions to fit your needs so please call and get scheduled!
$10 per person

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