As our communities begin to open back up, we are going to have an opportunity like never before to reach the kids in our community with the Gospel. We are now hearing of more and more churches having to cancel their VBS program for the summer, but I know many are still wanting to reach these kids. Our ministry can partner with Christians to have an opportunity to run a small, socially distanced, backyard Bible club, called a 5-Day Club. A 5-Day Club is an exciting, fun-filled 90 minute event held each day for five consecutive days. The clubs include dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, inspiring missionary story, meaningful songs, and life-changing Scripture memorization. 5-Day Clubs are open to all boys and girls between the ages of five and twelve, regardless of religious background. These clubs are run by Christians who are passionate to bring the Gospel to young children. We would like to invite you to either attend or host one of these exciting clubs.

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