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Christmas Blessing

This year has been challenging in many different ways for many different people. 98.5 KTIS and some generous friends are helping make Christmas brighter for friends around the Twin Cities with the 98.5 KTIS Christmas Blessing! Some of the Blessings were recorded through audio, and even video. Check out some of those stories below!

Christmas Blessing videos

In Faith Wicklund’s 16 years of life, she has faced many health challenges and experienced tremendous loss. See what happens when Faith’s mom nominated her for a 98.5 KTIS Christmas Blessing.

“Everything is perfect.” That’s how doctors described Cody and Nichole’s pregnancy. But no one could have known that things were not perfect. Thankfully, God is at work through Aunt Mary, their family, and their community. They have stepped in to provide Cody and Nichole with a 98.5 KTIS Christmas Blessing.

Listen to the audio-only conversations

Quinn’s favorite teacher, Mr. Hop, is struggling with cancer, so she nominated him for a Christmas Blessing. Listen to the special conversation below.

Blessing Quin and Mr. Hop

Joseph and Shae were blessed to welcome their fifth child into the family recently. This birth was a joy, yet it has also brought with it some unexpected challenges. Wanting to bless the Olson family, Karen nominated them for a 98.5 KTIS Christmas Blessing!

Blessing Joseph and Shae

Alicia nominated her neighbors to receive a Christmas Blessing that will help bring their young daughter, Natalie, home from the hospital for Christmas.

Blessing Natalie

Nick has watched his dear friend, Brian face people’s greatest fears in his work as a police officer, and now in his personal life. The Christmas Blessing nomination has allowed Brian to have one less thing to worry about this season.

Blessing Brian

Amy has endured some deep trials. With her nomination for Christmas Blessing, she gets to enjoy new comfort as she heals from the pain.

Blessing Amy

Matt and Jinae were nominated for a Christmas Blessing by Jinae’s dear friend, Amy. Jinae is walking through one of the toughest moments of her life, and she has one request from listeners as she converses with Keith Stevens.

Blessing Matt and Jinae

Single mom, Alicia nominated her precious kids and they became our second Christmas Blessing recipient. Here’s how the conversation went!

Blessing Alicia and her kids

Nominated by her daughter, our first Christmas Blessing recipient, Vicki, discovers how she’s been blessed during her surprise conversation with Keith Stevens.

Blessing Vicki

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