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The Power of Prayer & the Right to Pray

One of the most powerful Godly tools we have at our avail is prayer! Thursday, (5/3), is the ‘The National Day of Prayer’.  The decades long observance is a day set aside to encourage us as individuals, and as a Nation, to seek God through the power of prayer.  We’re finding out more and more how vital this day is,…


Baldwin & Company To Help God’s Precious Gifts

Friend and brother in Christ, Stephen Baldwin has launched a bold new initiative to feed orphans around the globe.  The campaign announcement came this week, and Baldwin calls it, “2012 in 2012”. Says all gifts will be matched through the course of the year!  READ the whole story.…


Sunday Morning Sports

If your kids are in sports, maybe you’ve been faced with the Sunday morning dilemma of practice and/or games.  How do you handle it? Perhaps it means missing church. Yay or nay?  Leave your comment here, or visit my FACEBOOK page, and tell me about your family’s experience.…


Cost Effective Lunchables

Homemade lunchables. They taste better, are healthier and are easier on the environment. That’s a win-win…win!!! Cost Effective Lunchables–{Choose to Thrive} | The CSI Project.…

Foods that help you Lose weight!

Well…I found this a little surprising!!  When trying to lose weight….Don’t get sucked into the idea that food is your enemy!! Befriend the right foods, and the pounds are much more likely to peel off than if you just try to cut calories across the board. Here, seven foods known to nutritionists to boost your body’s…


Kitty Chow Recipe!!

Puppy Chow is delicious, but at 365 calories a cup, it’s too costly an investment at snack time.  So, how about Kitty Chow…a low calorie substitute that tastes great!  Click here for the Recipe!  …

David & Pam get a call from a young friend of the station

An adorable young friend of 98.5 KTIS gave us a call one morning and really brightened our day.  Mary Rose who is an amazing young girl who was born blind has incredible passion for life that you can really hear as she sings an early morning song.  We were able to reconnect with Mary Rose when she dropped by the KTIS booth at the Casting…

Tator Tot Casserole Revisited with Rob Barrett

Time to cook with your family again and our chef Rob Barrett revisits an oldie but a goodie that some haven’t even heard of…or at least don’t know what goes in it. First his recipe and then the cool instructional video~ Rob’s Tater Tot Hotdish Fry up one pound ground beef with one large handful chopped onion.…

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