Here is a story from a person impacted by the work of Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge:

“I had such a scary childhood, I never knew what my father was going to do next. My only ally, my grandmother, committed suicide, and my father became more erratic and angry. I had panic attacks and anxiety that were never addressed. And I used alcohol to handle the chaos. I was introduced to meth while drunk and became addicted to how it took all of my inner turmoil away. But, I lost everything. My daughter was taken away, and at the time, death seemed to be the only option. After a failed suicide attempt, I was taken to jail and eventually Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge. God is bringing to light the things I need to work on to make me the strongest self I can be. Over time, I’ve found a kind of restoration with my father, and even though I haven’t spoken to daughter in two years, I’m working to have restoration with her as well. Because of my new faith, I believe that all things will be restored in time.”

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