When Kassey Jagodzinski was nearly 20 weeks pregnant, she learned her baby would be born with spina bifida. And while she was told multiple times she “had choices,” the only choice for this mom and dad was to give their son a wonderful life.

Now, Archer Reid Jagodzinski is three years old and zipping around in his tiny wheelchair and being “a stinker,” his mom said with a smile.

And he’s a clever little one. In a video compilation she made in honor of International Wheelchair Day last month, Archie is doing what all toddlers love to do…be a kid!

Of course the video has gone viral on Instagram…and his fan base is growing bringing smiles and knowledge about a condition that many don’t know much about. The video also shows that we are all unique with different abilities, not disabilities. and Archie’s mom says, “yes, I was told I had a choice and it was always my little Archie.”

Read more and watch the video!

One Response to "FL toddler loves life in his tiny wheelchair"

  • Jolene Nater says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. As an adult with Spina Bifida, it breaks my heart that “choices” are being pushed. I pray for any family given that diagnosis that they choose life and know that there are wonderful resources out there. God has a plan!

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