Here we go flipping the calendar to a new year! As we turn the page to a new season full of opportunity and potential, what is your hope, your dream, your prayer for 2023?

Before you start a list of all the many, many ways you’re going to be better, do more, work harder or smarter — or both! — this year, take a time out.

Let’s breathe in deep and boil all our best intentions, goals, and ambitions down a little.

Maybe you’ve heard of picking a word for the year rather than a list of resolutions. I love that! And I love having a faith word for the new year even better!

A faith word of the year encourages us to forget the pressure of resolutions and instead, focus on just ONE word. The idea is that we focus on this one word every day, all year long — one word that sums up who we want to be or how we want to live through Christ.

You can take a quiz to find YOUR faith word for the year…I did that and my word is Freedom. So good!

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