Maybe you only made it to day 2 of your new year’s resolution. Here’s the good news:  you can start again!  And with the wisdom from Drew Dyck’s book Your Future Self Will Thank You, you’ll be crushing your goals in no time!

Starting over is ok, and scientists call it the “fresh start effect.”

EP4 – Drew Dyck – fresh start effect

But after you start over, how do you make your changes stick?

EP4 – Drew Dyck – Sanctified goals more likely to stick

As you try to stick to positive habits, Drew says they are connected to self-control.

EP4 – Drew Dyck – what do habits have to do with self-control

I think one thing we can all do to improve our lives this year is to stay away from too much social media, here’s how to do that:

EP4 – Drew Dyck – first step to self-control – bright lines strategy


Listen to the full interview with Drew Dyck talking about self-control on my latest episode of the Manly with Andy Podcast.

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