Picture day at school is always eventful and usually yields some fun surprises.

10 and 7-year-old Meghan and Chloe were all dressed up and excited to have their picture taken at their school, but their excitement couldn’t compare with that of Ziggy, their orange and white cat who regularly visits the school. Yes, their little kitty is a welcome visitor and often saunters around, sleeping on books, on the principal’s desk, and walking in and out of classrooms while they’re in session.

Ziggy has pretty much become the school’s mascot!

On this particular picture day, Ziggy the “honorary student,” felt it was his turn, the 4-year-old cat effortlessly jumped up on the photo chair, looked straight at the camera, got his snap, and promptly left.

The girls’ mom was presented with the girls’ picture packets, but was puzzled when handed a third one. She opened it curiously and saw the fabulous Ziggy in his back to school pose! Their famouse cat’s school pic is on the mantel right next to  Meghan and Chloe’s for all to see!

By the way the principal has described the cat’s attendance record as an excellent example for other pupils!

Here’s the full story!


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