In this video from 98.5 KTIS, Cory Asbury shares what to do when we feel trapped in our lives. – Cory said, “We’ve all got those personal Egypts, the places where we feel bound up, the places where we feel locked up or in bondage.” Those “places” can seem impossible to get out of. Maybe we’re trapped in an emotion or trapped in a difficult relationship. – When we’re in that space, it may feel like we “can’t encounter God,” as Cory points out. Like our emotions are creating boundaries that hold us back from connecting with God. Like we’re stuck inside a building and can’t find the key. – Praying about it often feels scary, or even next to impossible. But there’s a simple prayer we can offer to God when we’re feeling trapped. Cory invites us to pray “God, step into those places.” He continues the prayer, “[God], step into those places where I’m not fully alive in worship.” – Because worship is difficult when we’re “locked up,” as Cory reminds us. Sometimes, we focus on ourselves, on the reason why we can’t connect with God, rather than on how we can set ourselves free from those boundaries. – Cory compares our struggles feeling trapped to the Israelites’ journey to the promised land. Cory points out that God brought the Israelites to the promised land “so [they] can worship.” God will set us free from those areas of our lives for the same reason. – He wants us to be able to worship Him freely, released from the thoughts or situations that might try to keep us from that. Cory Asbury’s song “Egypt” captures this idea: “You stepped into my Egypt. You took me by the hand. You marched me out in freedom into the promised land.” – “And I believe that worship is supposed to be unfettered,” Cory said. “It’s supposed to be uncaged and unlocked, and that was kind of the cry of that song.” – As John 4:24 says, “‘God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.’” Let’s ask God to free us from our boundaries today so we can worship Him. Learn more about Cory Asbury here:
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