As a barista at Starbucks, Emily is used to some very specific coffee orders coming from customers. She never would’ve guessed that an order she got from her mother would be so unforgettable!

Awhile back, Emily’s younger sister had begun having leg pain, and doctor’s diagnosed a pretty serious cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Eventually, they all thought that Emily’s sister would not be able to walk and would need a wheelchair.

As time went on, the doctors ran more tests and the results were better than Emily’s mom or sister had even hoped for! They desperately wanted to share the news with Emily, but she was at work, and was not using her phone.

Emily’s mom had a plan – she placed a coffee order at the drive-thru window that Emily was working.

Her order: “A latte with a shot of espresso, 2% milk, and 100% CANCER FREE!”

Can you imagine the joy in Emily as she read that order!

Barista gets a cancer free order

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