All Jesus has asked us to do is to, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34b).

That is just what Deputy Matt Holman did one night as he saw a man wandering down a highway all alone.

Deputy Matt stopped and asked the man – whose name was Robert – what was going on. Robert told Deputy Matt the truth. He explained that he was going through some hard times. He had lost his family, was dealing with addictions, and now he was homeless.

Instead of taking Robert to the station, Deputy Matt took Robert to a restaurant and got him something to eat. They continued talking about Robert’s life.

At some point, the Bible came into the conversation and Robert mentioned that he would like to have a Bible someday. Deputy Matt went to his cruiser and got his personal Bible and gave it to Robert. They parted ways.

Six months later, Deputy Matt got a call form Robert. Robert has completely changed his path and he just wanted to thank Deputy Matt for seeing his humanity. Robert also said that he was a new man and following Jesus.

Not many months later, Robert unexpectedly passed away. Thanks to Deputy Matt for just loving Robert, Robert left the world a renewed man!

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