We all know that serving in the military is an incredible sacrifice. Sometimes, returning home is not the end of the sacrifice. In fact, many veterans struggle with returning to everyday life.

Mike, a former Marine, was no exception. He discovered that running helped him deal with things. So he ran a lot!

He trained for the Boston Marathon, and ran in it.

Unfortunately, at the 26 mile mark, his legs gave out and he collapsed! Mike was only 0.2 miles from the finish.

He couldn’t stand, but he knew he could crawl. So, putting one arm in front of the other, he began to drag himself toward the finish.

During those last 0.2 miles, he kept saying three words – and those three words got him across the finish line!

What were they?

The names of his three friends that he lost in the war in Afghanistan.

Mike’s friends live on in his heart!

Veteran crawls to marathon finish line

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