Kristen threw on some sweatpants and her husband’s sweatshirt as she headed out for a quick run to the grocery store.

The sweatshirt stood out a bit since it had a U.S. Marine Corps emblem on it. As Kristen was waiting in the check-out line, the man in front of her noticed the Marine Corps emblem and asked her if the sweatshirt was hers. Kristen explained that it was her husband’s, and that he was deployed.

Kristen could not believe what happened next!

As the man finished putting his items in the check-out area, he started putting the items from Kristen’s cart on the belt, too. Then he told the cashier that he wanted to pay for all the groceries!

Kristen was so shocked that all she could say was, “Thank you, Thank you!”.

The man explained that he had served overseas and knew how hard it had been on his family. He just asked Kristen to please love her husband “like you’ve never loved him before” on his return.

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