Hope can be restored in the most unexpected circumstances!

Sterling had gone three nights without sleep as a result of her epilepsy and some medication issues. She eventually ended up in the ER.

The doctors had everything resolved and discharged her, but it was 4:30 am.

Sterling had to arrange for a Lyft driver to pick her up.

That driver was just the person Sterling needed to meet. It turned out that the driver’s daughter also has epilepsy; so she understood the challenges that Sterling faced, and the difficulties of making ends meet.

Sterling and the driver ended up exchanging phone numbers. The next day, Sterling’s phone rang – it was the Lyft driver!

She picked Sterling up and took her to the grocery store.

That Lyft driver did more for Sterling than just the ride and then the trip for groceries – she gave Sterling hope, something that Sterling felt she had lost a long time ago!

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This Lyft driver is helping with more than transportation

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