The LaGrange community holds $1 Thursdays. And no, it’s not a restaurant gimmick!

In fact, there a beautiful story behind the LaGrange $1 Thursdays, and it all started with a man named Anthony.

Someone in his community lost their home to a fire and Anthony decided to go around the town and just ask people to donate $1 to help.

In the end, Anthony was astonished to find that he collected $8,000 to help the family who lost their home!

Anthony realized that $1 is such a small amount that many people feel they can be a part of the contribution. So, he decided to pick a goal every Thursday and let people donate their $1.

Anthony, along with his friends and fans that donate, has helped kids buy clothes and shoes and even bought ice cream for every elementary school child in the community.

One of the best Thursdays was helping a mother of 10 to purchase a much-needed car!

Anthony plans to continue his $1 Thursdays. Not only is it a great way to help others, but it is also a great reminder that anyone can be a hero!

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