If this were a movie pitch, it would be turned down with the comment, “too much disaster – not believable!”

However, for Anastasia this story was a real experience!

Anastasia was 8 months pregnant and her town was being consumed by a wildfire. In her retreat, the flames reached her car, which promptly lit on fire. Ditching the vehicle, she tried to flee on foot, and that’s when she started having contractions!

Desperate, Anastasia let out a cry for help. A nearby paramedic named Mickey heard her cry and rushed her into an ambulance. He put out a call for a helicopter only to learn that, because of the wildfire, the helicopter was not an option.

Mickey realized that baby was going to be born with only him to aid Anastasia! He hopped into the ambulance next to Anastasia, grabbed her hand, and said, “I’m a guy. I don’t know what this feels like for you, but I will try to help you through.”

Mickey worked hard to care for the new mother as she gave birth. It all worked out, and now Anastasia has a great story to tell her daughter about the day she was born and the origin of her name – Mickey Skinner!

Mickey, the paramedic, was certainly in the right place at the right time!

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Pregnant mom escapes a wildfire because of a helpful EMT

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