Are you ever too old to play Hide-n-Seek?

According to three friends – Emily, Jody, and Mary Ellen – you are never too old!

The life-long friends decided to put a twist into the traditional game of Hide-n-Seek. Every month, they purchase 30 copies of a book and hide the individual copies all around their town.

They have come to be called the Tome Gnomes.

The response to their act has been overwhelming. They have even brought in thousands of dollars in donations so they will be able to continue hiding books throughout the year.

One man said that the book he found was one that his wife had been trying to find and now she’s reading it every night!

Another person emailed to express her gratitude, writing that she had never had the funds to purchase a brand new book, and finding one of the Tome Gnomes’ books had made her day!

When the world seems like such a crazy place at times, it is nice to know that there are people out there like Emily, Jody, and Mary Ellen who only want to bring someone joy!

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Women spread kindness by hiding free books


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