Eight years ago, Adam Keyes was serving in Afghanistan when he was in a severe accident.

In the years since, he has undergone over 100 surgeries. He had lost both of his legs and had to learn to walk and talk again.

Many of us would have thought that life was pretty much over, but Adam took a different approach. He set out to conquer Africa’s most treacherous hike – reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro! A quest so treacherous that even most of us with all our limbs wouldn’t dare to try it.

With specialized walking sticks, leg implants, and a huge amount of determination, Adam did it!

At the top, Adam did something else too.

He left his Purple Heart there, saying, “Even though my brothers have passed, we’re still all in this together. Even though it was my Purple Heart, I left it at the top for all of us.”

A disabled veteran hikes kilimanjaro

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