Eight years ago, Jackie was driving home from a basketball game in downtown Los Angeles. She took a wrong turn and ended up on Skid Row where thousands of people who are experiencing homelessness live. Taking in the view of tents, cardboard homes, and hurting people everywhere, she thought, “There’s got to be something that I can do.”

Jackie did do something. She took her next bonus check from her job and used it to make 70 meals.  Those meals were passed out in just minutes!

Well, Jackie didn’t stop there. She saw how large the need was, so she posted about it on Facebook and others pitched in to help.

Jackie now runs a non-profit called Brown Bag Lady. She even has a van for delivering meals, and every month she pulls onto Skid Row and hands out thousands of free meals.

Jackie hopes that people see that even when you think you are at the dead end, you can make a U-Turn!

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A wrong turn turns into a non-profit

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