“Thank you for seeing me!”

Isn’t that really what we all desire?

A mom in Pennsylvania was working on being more patient, so she took Lily – her young, spunky, energetic daughter – grocery shopping with her.

When they were checking out, the cashier noticed how intently the young girl was watching every item – from the beep of the scanner to the item being placed in the grocery bag.

The cashier asked Lily if she wanted to bag the groceries.

Her mother answered, “You have no idea what you just asked her! She’s going to love this!”

Lily went around the counter and started bagging – peas, milk, cans, etc… into the bags. And her smile got bigger and bigger!

She exploded, “I love it! and I love you!”

Lily’s mom was shocked.

Lily has special needs and her mom thinks that what Lily was really saying was, “Thank you for seeing me and letting me help!”

We should all try to make sure we see those around us!

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A cashier lets a girl with special neeeds bag groceries


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