Who among us doesn’t remember that awkward moment in school lunchrooms, after you’ve grabbed your tray and you need to scan the room for where you might sit to eat?

Jan was long past school-age, and she was looking for a table to sit and eat her breakfast at a McDonalds. She was feeling a bit lonely and didn’t really want to eat by herself.

Spotting a table with a young man sitting alone, she asked if she could join him. The man – whose name was Eric – agreed.

The two of them sat and enjoyed their breakfast as well as each other’s company. Eric talked about his kids. Jan talked about how she loves going to church every Sunday.

Eric described Jan, saying, “I could tell that she’s one of those older ladies that is just an absolute firecracker and says whatever she’s thinking!”

A stranger posted a picture online – people have been so encouraged by it – seeing two people of different generations and races connecting.

Isn’t food the ingredient that binds us together?

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