“Kindness is a gift from God” – Tracy

Which airplane passenger are you? Are you like me and just put in earbuds and ignore the world? Or maybe you’re like Tracy who likes to talk to the strangers around her and find out their stories.

In 1999, Tracy was on a flight back to America from France. She noticed some teenagers across the aisle who looked scared.

In “Tracy fashion”, she struck up a conversation and learned that they were refugees leaving their war-torn country. They were without their families and pretty much had nothing to their name.

As they all got off the plane, Tracy handed the girls an envelope and asked them not to open it until later.

Inside the envelope was a sweet note saying “Welcome to America, and I’m sorry you had to leave where you were from. I hope your time here is good, and I hope this helps,” nestled within the envelope was a $100 bill.

Flash forward to 2022. Tracy and the two women re-unite. One woman is an anesthesiologist who is married and has two children. The other woman speaks four languages and works with a non-profit that helps youth find jobs.

Tracy was asked why she did what she did those 200-plus years ago. Her answer:

“Kindness is a gift from God. Kindness is free. It’s a choice you can make. And don’t underestimate the power of being kind.”

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Tracy gives 100 dollars to strangers

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