It’s out!! The list of NEW featured foods at the 2022 MN State Fair. I LOVE this day because I know I can’t try them all, BUT I can drool all I want over this list!

I am going to make a beeline to Rick’s Pizza for the “Dill Pickle Pizza!” Here’s the description: “Hand-tossed homemade pizza dough topped with homemade specialty dill ranch sauce, fresh mozzarella and crunchy dill pickles, and finished with dill weed seasoning.” I also think I’ll find the “Soulcicle” and maybe the “Tot Dog”; an all-beef hot dog dipped in corn dog batter, rolled in a mixture of minced tater tots, cheddar cheese and onions, then deep-fried. That’s just three of 38 new foods.

Take a gander and plan your 2022 State Fair Food route!



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