We have all heard the phrase – Going the extra mile – but this story does that on so many levels!

In Justin’s first race representing the University of Oregon, he fell about 150 meters into his race, he managed to get up; but, fell again and actually lost his shoes!

His teammates were not surprised, they knew that Justin has Cerebral Palsy. That makes his body movement and muscle control challenging. But Justin never gives up!

When Justin fell that second time, a teammate rushed from the sidelines to help him with his shoes and to get him back up. Justin’s teammate didn’t stop there. He got in touch with Nike to see if there was something that could be designed into their shoes which might help Justin not lose his shoes during his races.

Nike not only addressed that issue; they began to sponsor Justin. With his “never give up” attitude, Justin has become the first person with Cerebral Palsy to be sponsored by Nike!

Justin, his teammates, and Nike all went the extra mile!


Runner with Cerebral Palsy sponsored by Nike

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