MYS_-_HS_senior_does_something_unique_every_day_of_school (2)Leaving a legacy of kindness – what an honor!

Brad had a different senior year experience than most of the other seniors at his school.

When the year began, he was not looking forward to it because his friends were all older and had graduated, leaving him without close friends for his final year.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Brad had a plan.

Every morning he held the doors open for everyone coming into his school and greeted each person with a “Hi!” and a smile.

But he didn’t stop at just that, he made a different sign for each day, that he also held up. Each sign said things like: “You’re Someone’s Reason to Smile,” “You’re Important to Someone” or “You Deserve Love.”

Brad’s kindness spread to the teachers and throughout the school.



Brad’s Senior year turned out to not just be about the diploma – it is the legacy of kindness that he left behind!

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