There is a truth to that old saying, “The kindness of strangers.”

Nicole, a barista at a Starbucks, noticed one of her regular customers, Vince, seemed particularly down one day. Nicole took the initiative and asked him what was going on.

Vince was reluctant at first, but eventually he told Nicole that he needed a kidney transplant.

Nicole thought about their discussion all day. She told her husband, Justin about the conversation as soon as she got home.

What was Justin’s response?  “I have a kidney that I could donate,” Justin was even happier to donate when he learned that both he and Vince had served in the military.

They were a match! Both have recovered and are in great health.

When people have asked Justin what spurred him to donate to a complete stranger, his response, “It’s easy to give, and the bigger the gift sometimes the easier it is to give.”

The kindness of strangers!

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