Different Abilities Make the World a Better Place

Have you ever looked at the bins of the $0.98 boxes full of theatre-type candy at WalMart, and just passed it up because it’s too hard to find anything?

Well, a mom, Julie, and her son, who has Asperger’s, were shopping at WalMart,, and the son noticed the disorganized mess. He knew he could fix it. He told his mom to go on shopping without him.

He stayed. By the time his mom returned, the boxes were neatly organized and sorted. His view: “I can put things back together. This is what I love to do.”

Another shopper noticed and posted a picture of the organized candy bins and posed a question: “What would happen if companies started to hire people that were on the Autism Spectrum?”

The answer: Companies would have organized, efficient, and punctual employees who would not stop until a task is completed. We all have different abilities and we all have ways to make the world a better place.

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One Response to "Different abilities make the world a better place"

  • Lisa Hopkins says:

    This is fantastic! I work for a non-profit day program for adults with disabilities.
    Seeing people’s abilities, and focusing on what they can Achieve, is our focus.
    We currently need people to support day programs that can employ people like Julie’s son. Having the ability to work in the community with a job coach or work at a day program doing piece work. This helps people with disabilities have a purpose and a community for support too.

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