Anyone else want the snow to go away until November?  Other than everyone cranking the heat up to 90 in their homes and then opening all their doors and windows, the only other way I think we can warm things up is think about the Minnesota State Fair!

And right now you can vote for the signature flavor at the Dairy Barn this year!

The options are:

  1. Chocolate Cookie Crumble (My pick!): Chocolate cookie crumbles sit atop rich creamy chocolate ice cream or malt and drizzled with chocolate syrup.
  2. Cinn-a-Minn Latte: Creamy vanilla ice cream or malt topped with cinnamon and espresso powder.
  3. Key Lime Crumble: Rich vanilla ice cream or malt topped with lime syrup and graham cracker crumbles

You can vote once-a-day through April 15th here.

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