Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge exists to assist men, women, and teens in gaining freedom from chemical addictions and other life-controlling problems by addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Their women’s program is important, as women are more likely than men to face multiple barriers to accessing substance abuse treatment and are less likely to seek treatment. Women also tend to seek care in mental health or primary care settings rather than in specialized treatment programs, which may contribute to poorer treatment outcomes.

Find out more about Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge at mntc.org.

Kelly’s story:

My life was empty. Meth had taken away my children, family, my friends, everything I had ever cared about. I was isolated and alone. After years of disappointing my family and lying to myself, I ended up sleeping in my car in a church parking lot. One night, the pastor of the church came to me and listened to my story of loss and despair. He dried my tears and told me about Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge. At first, I didn’t want to go. I heard about Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge before, and knew it would be a lot of time and work. I soon realized that if I wanted to live, I didn’t have many other choices. The first time I walked through the doors, I felt safer than I had felt in a very long time. The staff was welcoming and understanding in a way I never thought was possible. I was given time and grace and a place to tell my story and talk about the things that I had buried deep within me. Over time, with the help of my counselors, my sisters, and God’s forgiveness, I began to heal. I started to let go of the pain I was holding on to so tightly. I took the time to understand how my family and friends felt and what I could do to restore their trust in me. I was able to see my children again and learn how to be a mother physically and emotionally. In a short 13 months, which seemed like a lifetime before, my whole life changed. I was born again, and God created new paths and opportunities for me that I had never thought possible. I’m now living in Minneapolis with my children and work with underserved children. We are part of an amazing church and volunteer every month to give back to a community that I never felt a part of in my past.

Sarah’s story:

I was born and raised in northeast Minneapolis, and I was the last person you would ever think would deal with addiction. I grew up and got a degree, got married, and had a family. But in my later thirties, anxiety and stress of daily life took control and alcohol became my way to cope. I didn’t think I was hurting anyone. I drank mostly in secret. But what I discovered is that it was changing my personality. It was taking me away from the people that I loved the most. And it was separating me from God. This past summer, I went to visit my daughter and her boyfriend, and I ended up in a blackout. I don’t remember any of it, but I guess I was very mean to her. And she said, “Mom, I love you, and I want you to get sober. But when you’re drinking, you can’t be part of my life.” That’s when I knew things absolutely had to change. I had been in and out of different treatments and detoxes for years, and when I came to Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge, I finally realized why none of them worked. All along, I was trying to have a relationship with God and trying to recover separately. I didn’t know that I needed to invite God into my recovery. Through this program and God’s infinite love, I actually have my hope restored, and my relationship with my kids is being restored too.