“For waging war, you need guidance. And for victory many advisors.”
– Proverbs 24:6

You probably have a favorite movie genre. This may shock you, but mine is action movies: Bond, Die Hard, Mission Impossible, and the one that I grew up on: MacGyver. The theme for most of there is that it’s one person against the world.

Real life isn’t quite like those action movies (I’m not in car chases avoiding explosions daily, at least), but I still pretend like I can do things on my own.

You can start your battle by looking for guidance for your day, your big dream, and your relationships.

Then, as you fight, the victory comes when you have many people by your side advising you what to do and what NOT to do.

Life isn’t meant to be a solo mission, and God will put people along your path to help you – you just need to be open to it.

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