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January is the time when we head back to our daily schedules with anticipation of a hope-filled new year. Those who struggle with mental health challenges may find it difficult to return to a“normal daily schedule.” They often suffer in silence.

Christian Family Solutions(CFS) is a local counseling ministry that combines excellent mental health care with the healing power of God’s Word. It’s a powerful combination for healing, help, and hope. And it’s unique because clients can choose to integrate their Christian faith with treatment. Experienced counselors meet clients wherever they are in their faith journey while using effective, evidence-based treatment practices.

For some, one-on-one weekly counseling sessions are sufficient. When that isn’t enough, clients can consider higher levels of care, such as Intensive Outpatient Programs (think of this as a“higher dose”of care to help you feel better, faster). CFS offers an Adult Dual Diagnosis Program for those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders, and ARMOR Day Treatment for Teens which is made for teens who struggle with more severe cases of anxiety, depression, or trauma-related mental health challenges. These programs provide intensive treatment allowing individuals to maintain work and home life.

  • Maybe you know someone like 13-year-old Emma who was skipping school, isolating from her family, engaging in risky peer relationships, and missing therapy appointments. A school counselor referred Emma to ARMOR Day Treatment for Teens via Telehealth, and she is thriving today. Emma is communicating respectfully with family members and setting healthy boundaries with peers. She attends school regularly and has even landed a job.

Watch Pam Lundell’s interview with Katelyn Bolte from Christian Family Solutions

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