It’s a 100 year old recipe… and it is a timeless treasure still today.  Ginger snaps!  Whether you like them crispy (like me!) or soft, they have to be the most unique cookie flavor you can have.

And it’s one of those fun cookies where you can make your own shapes!  I had to make a few gingerbread men with my boys, so I rolled out the dough and gave them a plastic knife to start cutting out their creation.

Then all of a sudden I’m hearing screaming and thudding, and I turn around to see that the dough is all chopped up and my boys decided to make gingerbread army men and they were in a vicious battle!  We also made a gingerbread dinosaur and what looks a like a gingerbread manatee?

Thankfully they all taste the same, no matter how unique the cookies look.

Gingerbread army men, dinsoaur, and manatee?

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