The year of 2020 left us dry, weary, and longing for community. Social media posts, public relations teams, ad campaigns, and pop songs all take advantage of the widespread pandemic of loneliness and bemoan the number of days since we had some semblance of normalcy.

While these cultural responses to COVID-19 might discourage us, David Crowder’s new song “Good God Almighty” holds forth a melody of hope and encouragement. It includes reminders of the need for community with its collective refrain, which begs to be sung by a gospel choir or a full sanctuary on a Sunday morning:

“Tell me is He good?
He’s good
Tell me is He God?
He’s God
He is, good God Almighty” (David Crowder, “Good God Almighty”).

Crowder calls us to remember the reason we are singing. We gather on Sunday mornings not because we are told to or feel some sort of obligation. We should be gathering to celebrate this “Good God Almighty.”

We have learned the importance of meeting in a building surrounded by other believers, able to call each other into further praise of our Heavenly Father. Songs like “Good God Almighty” are another reminder of how crucial it is to sing alongside other believers in response to a call from a pastor or leader.

“Good God Almighty” has a lyrical call, just like the 2018 song “Is He Worthy?” written by Andrew Peterson. This widely popular song calls the audience to take part in the worship experience with a call and response that is built from questions.

In the song, Peterson asks the worshiper to reflect on Revelation 5. He also asks us to recall that, while we might despair about our unworthiness, we can rest in the reminder that there is One who is “able to break the seal and open the scroll” (Andrew Peterson, “Is He Worthy?”).

Crowder’s song takes on the same tone, calling us to remember that we can put our trust in a good God. The call for the audience to respond with simple truths like “He’s good” and “He’s God” encourages us to lift our hearts in praise of this God who is worthy, good, and almighty.

This refrain brings to mind a Sunday school scene, where a teacher holds up a Bible and asks the children to identify it. The children can’t help but call out the answer that stares at them from the gold foil letters.

Yet, like a child admiring his or her shoes instead of paying attention to the Sunday school teacher, we often forget to praise God as our good Father. We forget to reflect on His almighty hand and doubt that He is in control of our lives.

Crowder calls us to praise God in spite of our fickleness because God provides a constant. God does not change who He is based on the situation, like humans do. He is never facetious and never changes His nature to fit the occasion:

“You say Your love goes on forever
That Your mercy never stops
So why would I assume You’d be somebody that You’re not” (Crowder, “Good God Almighty”).

Throughout the song, Crowder tells the story of our failings and how God’s faithfulness shines through, even as we waver. He reminds us that the important thing is not that we were worthy enough to come to God but that He was willing to come down to us. Despite our short memory of His faithfulness, He will “keep coming around,” as Crowder’s song testifies.

Crowder points to our good God as a steady foundation when the world seems to be shaking beneath us. We never have to doubt God’s goodness or truth. We can rest in the fact that no matter what this world tells us, we can always come back to His Scripture to find truth.

As this song testifies, Crowder has significant talent as a singer, songwriter, and musical artist. “Good God Almighty,” with its classic Crowder sound and simple lyrics, has gained increasing popularity.

The song is reminiscent of gospel choirs, which are often led by a similar system of question and answer. The classic technique widens the audience of the song, pulling on listeners from different backgrounds and churches.

The lyrics also draw on passages, hymns, and worship songs that some of us may have grown up singing, providing a sense of familiarity despite the song’s new sound and lyrical style.

“Good God Almighty” is meant to be sung in community. It calls us to remember that we are not alone in this faith journey. Not only is our God with us in the low points of our faith journey, but we also have a community of believers who will come alongside us.

When we are lost in a difficult season, and we can’t seem to turn our eyes to the cross, we need a community of brothers and sisters to testify with us:

“He’s good
He’s God
He is, good God almighty” (Crowder, “Good God Almighty”).

We need the reminder that there are people running with us. Despite the challenges that we are facing, there is a God who is ready and willing to carry us through.

Crowder’s communal refrain asks people to fully participate in the worship experience instead of passively singing along to the song. By asking questions that beg to be answered with profound truths, we are compelled to proclaim that our God is good and almighty, something that we might know in our heads but struggle to believe in our hearts.

Crowder’s “Good God Almighty” provides the worship environment with a song that reflects on the much-needed community of the body of Christ. This song begs to be sung together so that we can remind one another of our “Good God Almighty.”

If you love this song as much as we do, you can purchase it here.

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