Andrew Peterson’s songs are peaceful and uplifting, yet also infused with momentum.

While his songs are typically slower, there is a strong energy within them. That energy is in the lyrics, which are introspective and thoughtful—and most importantly, praise God.

The song “His Heart Beats” is filled with momentum, and the song fluctuates as the fast-paced guitar trades places with the heartbeat-like percussion. The lyrics seem to rise in power and resonance, a way to show how Jesus “rises, glorified in flesh” as he sings:

“His heart beats
His blood begins to flow
Waking up what was dead a moment ago.”

The lyrics blossom, unfolding into the truth that “He took one breath / And put death to death.” This song uses a nature metaphor to exemplify how our faith should flourish:

“… I look for the seeds the King has down
To burst up from their graves.”

The lyrics of his song “Rise Up” drive us to feel the beauty of the scene where God controls creation. These lyrics are like seeing a bridge built on a stage, something that feels real:

“And when the stars come crashing to the sea
When the high and mighty fall down on their knee
We’ll see the sun descending in the sky
The chains of death will fall around Your feet.”

We sense this beauty when praising God, much like the energy in these lyrics. When our faith has momentum, it moves our faith onward.


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