The song “I Know” from Big Daddy Weave offers a lesson about how God answers our prayers. It reminds us of God’s nature, which is essential to maintaining a strong faith throughout our lives. The song references these qualities, because it was created after a long serious of life challenges the band was experiencing. This period of life allowed the band members to look for the things that God is doing throughout their lives rather than what they were unsure about. It describes the attributes that we know about God; being reminded of these things can give us assurance when we pray. Mike Weaver helps us to focus in:

There’ve been so many times when I was so focused on what I don’t know, that I wasn’t walking in the peace from what I do know.   When I focus on what I don’t know, it’s like I’m getting dragged down into that place of discouragement, I’m getting dragged down to that place of hopelessness. But when I stop and I say “Well, God – what is it that I do know, God what is it that you are doing right now?”, I’ll find him right here with me.

Although most of us would agree with the song’s lyrics, they are often forgotten about when we are in need of help. A verse in the song reads “I know that you are good, I know that you are kind, I know that you are I know that you are so much more than what we leave behind.” By worshipping these qualities in our Savior, we realize just how little reason there is to worry.

Look to the power of God and his abilities rather than our current and temporary situations. Remember the things He has done for us, which is further proof of His power when we need it going forward. When we look back on our past prayers that have been answered, it gives us reassurance about God’s capability to work in our lives.

You can listen to the whole interview with Mike below.

Keith and Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave

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