Katelyn Bolte, child and adolescent counselor at Christian Family Solutions joined me this morning and mentioned a couple of changes to look for in our kids’ behavior that may be an indication of mental health struggles.

There’s a few different warning signs that we can look for in our teenagers. If you’re noticing that your teen who has a bubbly personality is more sad or reserved, or your teen was usually able to cope with difficulties and they’re now more irritable, that might be something that we want to keep an extra eye on.

What about integrating one’s faith in getting help?

When I have a teen who wants to integrate their Christian faith into their therapy – there’s nothing more powerful than that. God has given us research, tools, and counselors; they are part of the blessings we have on this earth. When we’re being good stewards of our body; when we’re taking care of our physical health by going to the doctor, we’re taking care of our spiritual health by attending church and plugging into spiritual communities – we also want to take care of our mental health.  Sometimes we’re able to do that with self-care, praying, meditating, having structures in place – but sometimes we need a little bit of higher dosage of care for that.

You can hear the full interview below.


Kaitlyn Bolte from Christian Family Solutions

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