Joel Smallbone from King and Country recently called in to talk about the band’s new release called “Burn the Ships; The Record.”  Calling from the car (along with his wife and Great Dane), Joel gives us a first glimpse into the single “Amen, Reborn”.

It was written about Luke’s baptism as an adult. We got baptized by our grandfather when we were children, but he really felt convicted to make that profession once again.

“Amen, Reborn” symbolizes healing and rebirth as well as the unity of life. Joel explained how this is especially reflective of a hopeful new year, especially given the recent world events and how COVID-19 has impacted us:

What’s really important with music is you’ve had pastors, preachers, politicians, the medical community, they’re all exhausted by trying to figure out humanity’s way forward. What I’m excited about is on the contrary, you’ve had musicians and the arts community kind of sitting at home, and it almost feels like this kind of “Put me in, coach” moment. Maybe, Lord willing, as artists we can be part of the healing.

KTIS is one of the first radio stations to air this song in the United States, and it provides a positive outlook for 2021. Joel closed us in prayer by recognizing the amount of suffering that people have experienced over the past year, but ultimately explained how God’s hope is what brings us all together.

You can hear the entire interview below.

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