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He was kidnapped as a teenager in his home country of Liberia, and when his father was unable to pay ransom he was tortured.

Once when he was being whipped, a blinding light flashed and a voice from heaven said “rise up and run”.

And ran he did, for days until he arrived in the town of Monrovia, where he was cared for by missionaries and learned about Jesus.

He heard about a pastor in New York that could teach him more so with no money or means to transportation, he went to the harbor in faith.

The journey was difficult; Morris was often beaten and assigned to the most dangerous tasks. However, by the time the ship docked in New York  the captain and most of the crew had accepted Christ because of Samuel.

Then he worked at a homeless shelter where, again, he had the toughest men at the mission on their knees praying and asking for God’s Forgiveness.

After speaking at many churches and praying with others who would later say they had never felt the Holy Spirit so powerfully as they did with Samuel.

His incredible life serving God was cut short when the injuries from kidnapping in Africa took his life when he was 20.

But at his funeral, the crowd couldn’t be contained in the chapel, they spilled out in the streets, all people whose life had been changed by the bold faith of Samuel Morris.

(Adapted from Taylor University)

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